Welcome to KemyShopping

your gateway to success in the world of e-commerce! Are you a new seller eager to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, expand your reach, and kickstart your sales without the daunting task of creating your own website? Congratulations! You’ve made the right decision. Our e-commerce platform offers an accessible and budget-friendly solution tailored specifically for vendors like you who are just starting out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

With our innovative dropshipping model, you’re taking the first crucial step towards making money online. By choosing to start dropshipping with KemyShopping, you’re investing in your future success. With zero upfront investment required, you can hit the ground running and focus on what truly matters—growing your business and realizing your entrepreneurial dreams..

No Need to Create Your Own Website

Vendors don’t need to create their own website to start dropshipping.

KemyShopping provides a convenient solution by allowing vendors to establish their stores directly within our platform.

This means vendors can seamlessly access their personalized dashboard, manage their inventory, and oversee sales without the hassle of setting up a separate website.

Furthermore, when vendors want to market their stores to potential customers, they have multiple options:

They can simply share the link to their store with their audience, making it easy for customers to browse and purchase products directly.
Alternatively, vendors can direct customers to the KemyShopping app, where they can navigate to the vendors’ page and select their store.
From there, customers can explore the vendor’s offerings and make purchases with ease.
This streamlined approach ensures that vendors can effectively market their stores and connect with customers without the need for a standalone website.

Product Selection

Vendors begin by selecting products they wish to sell from KemyWholesale, our partner site offering a wide range of products at wholesale prices.
This selection process is crucial as it determines the inventory available for sale in the vendor’s store.

Vendor Dashboard Access

Upon registration, vendors gain access to their personalized vendor dashboard on KemyShopping.
Here, they can manage their store, view sales data, and most importantly, add new products to their inventory.

Adding Products to Inventory

Vendors start by gathering all necessary information about the product they intend to add.
This includes product name, description, images, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), pricing, and any other relevant details.
High-quality images play a vital role in attracting customers.
Vendors can upload product images directly from their device or select images from KemyWholesale’s product database, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
Vendors craft compelling product descriptions that highlight key features, benefits, and specifications.
Clear and concise descriptions help customers make informed purchasing decisions.
Vendors determine the selling price for each product, considering factors such as wholesale cost, desired profit margin, and market competitiveness.
Organizing products into relevant categories and adding descriptive tags enhances discoverability and navigation for customers browsing the vendor’s store.
As products are added to the vendor’s inventory, they are automatically synced with the KemyShopping platform.
Vendors can easily monitor inventory levels, track sales, and update product information in real-time through the vendor dashboard.

Order Processing and Fulfillment

When a customer places an order through the vendor’s store, KemyShopping handles the entire fulfillment process seamlessly.
This includes order confirmation, payment processing, packaging, shipping, and delivery.
Vendors are notified of new orders and can track their status through the dashboard.

Key Benefits for Vendors

No Inventory Management: Vendors eliminate the need for inventory storage, reducing overhead costs and operational complexities.
Low Initial Investment: With no upfront product investment required, vendors can launch their online store with minimal financial risk.
Scalability: Our dropshipping model allows vendors to scale their business rapidly without constraints imposed by inventory limitations.
Streamlined Operations: By outsourcing order fulfillment and logistics to KemyShopping, vendors can focus on sales, marketing, and customer engagement, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Zero Upfront Investment

No Need to Purchase Inventory: Unlike traditional retail models, vendors on KemyShopping don’t need to invest in purchasing products upfront.
Access to KemyWholesale: As a registered vendor on KemyShopping, you gain exclusive access to KemyWholesale, our trusted supplier offering a vast array of products at wholesale prices.
Use Any Device to Get Started: All you need to kickstart your journey as a vendor on KemyShopping is a smartphone or computer with internet access.
While a laptop or desktop computer provides a more comprehensive view of our platform and features, you can easily manage your store and add products using a smartphone, making it accessible to entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Benefits of Joining KemyShopping

Low Barrier to Entry: Our platform eliminates the barriers to entry typically associated with starting an online business.
Comprehensive Support: From product sourcing to order fulfillment, we provide vendors with comprehensive support every step of the way.
Minimal Fees: We only charge a minimal fee of 15% on every order as a fulfillment fee, along with a success fee on each product sold.
Scalability and Growth: With our dropshipping model, vendors have the flexibility to scale their business rapidly without the constraints of inventory management.