Welcome to Kemyshopping Business Owners

We are thrilled to introduce you to the Business Owners on Kemyshopping! This premium membership is designed for established businesses and brands looking to scale their online presence, streamline operations, and maximize sales. Here’s everything you need to know before registering as a Business Owner on Kemyshopping.

Why Choose US ?

With the Business Owners Membership, you gain access to a powerful suite of features tailored to help you manage your store efficiently, reach more customers, and grow your business. Here are the key benefits and features available to you:

Comprehensive Vendor Dashboard

The vendor dashboard on Kemyshopping is designed to provide you with all the tools and insights you need to run your store efficiently and effectively. Here’s how our advanced dashboard can help you:

  • Intuitive Interface: Manage your store with ease using a user-friendly dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of your sales, orders, products, and commissions. The clean and organized layout ensures you can find the information you need quickly and effortlessly.
  • Customizable Widgets: Personalize your dashboard with widgets that give you quick access to essential information. Add, remove, and rearrange widgets to suit your workflow, ensuring the most important data is always at your fingertips.
  • Real-Time Data: Access real-time data on your store’s performance. Monitor sales trends, track order statuses, and stay updated on inventory levels to make informed decisions on the go.
  • Sales Reports: Generate detailed sales reports to analyze your store’s performance. Understand your revenue streams, identify best-selling products, and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Order Management: Get a clear view of all your orders, including pending, processing, and completed orders. Use the order management tools to update order statuses, print invoices, and communicate with customers directly from the dashboard.
  • Product Management: Manage your entire product catalog from one place. Add new products, update existing listings, and organize your inventory with ease. Bulk management options allow you to make changes to multiple products at once, saving you time and effort.
  • Commission Overview: Keep track of your earnings with a detailed commission overview. See how much you’ve earned, view pending commissions, and track your payouts, all from the dashboard.
  • Inventory Alerts: Set up inventory alerts to notify you when stock levels are low. Ensure you never run out of your best-selling products by staying ahead of inventory management.
  • Customer Insights: Gain insights into your customer base. View detailed profiles, order histories, and communication logs to better understand and engage with your customers.
  • Marketing Tools: Access marketing tools directly from your dashboard. Create and manage promotional campaigns, set up discount codes, and track the performance of your marketing efforts.
  • Analytics and KPIs: Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) with built-in analytics. Track metrics such as conversion rates, average order value, and customer retention to measure your store’s success.
  • Task Management: Stay organized with task management features. Assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress to ensure everything gets done on time.
  • Support Access: Quickly access support resources and contact our support team directly from the dashboard. Get help when you need it to resolve issues and keep your store running smoothly.

By leveraging the comprehensive vendor dashboard, you can streamline your store management processes, gain valuable insights, and focus on growing your business. The dashboard is your central hub for everything you need to succeed on Kemyshopping.

Advanced Product Managemente

Our Advanced Product Management tools are designed to help you efficiently manage your product catalog, ensuring your listings are attractive, up-to-date, and optimized for sales. Here’s how our features can benefit your business:

  • Multiple Product Types: List various product types, including simple, variable, grouped, downloadable, and subscription-based products. This flexibility allows you to cater to a wide range of customer needs and preferences.
  • Bulk Management: Easily manage and update multiple products at once, saving you valuable time. Bulk actions enable you to modify prices, stock levels, categories, and other attributes across numerous products with just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced Listings: Utilize advanced product options to make your listings more attractive and informative. Add detailed descriptions, high-quality images, videos, and product specifications to provide customers with all the information they need to make a purchase.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of your stock levels in real-time. Set automatic alerts for low stock and out-of-stock products to ensure you can restock timely and never miss a sale.
  • SEO Optimization: Optimize your product listings for search engines. Use keyword-rich titles, descriptions, and tags to improve your product visibility and attract more organic traffic.
  • Product Variations: Offer multiple variations of a product, such as different sizes, colors, or materials. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, and inventory level, allowing you to manage them individually.
  • Custom Attributes: Add custom attributes to your products to highlight specific features and benefits. This can help customers make informed decisions and improve their shopping experience.
  • Scheduling: Schedule product launches and promotions in advance. Set start and end dates for discounts, special offers, and new product releases to maximize their impact.
  • Product Bundling: Create product bundles to offer customers a convenient way to purchase related items together. Bundling can increase your average order value and provide customers with better value.
  • Cross-Selling and Up-Selling: Implement cross-selling and up-selling strategies directly on your product pages. Recommend related products, accessories, or higher-end alternatives to boost your sales.
  • Customizable Pricing: Use dynamic pricing options to adjust prices based on various factors such as customer segments, purchase history, or time of purchase. Offer personalized discounts and special prices to loyal customers.
  • Product Reviews and Ratings: Enable product reviews and ratings to build trust and credibility. Displaying customer feedback can help potential buyers make informed decisions and increase your conversion rates.
  • Digital Downloads: If you sell digital products, manage them seamlessly with secure download links and customizable access permissions. Ensure your digital content is delivered instantly and securely to your customers.
  • Subscription Management: Offer subscription-based products with flexible billing options. Manage recurring payments, subscription terms, and customer subscriptions with ease.
  • Product Tags and Categories: Organize your products with tags and categories to make them easier to find. Improve your store’s navigation and help customers quickly locate the products they’re interested in.
  • Import/Export Tools: Use import and export tools to manage your product catalog efficiently. Easily transfer product data in and out of your store, simplifying updates and backups.

Efficient Order Management

Efficient order management is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring smooth business operations. Our robust order management system provides a comprehensive suite of features to help you handle orders effectively:

  • Detailed Order Interface: Track and manage your orders with a detailed and intuitive interface. Access all essential order details, including customer information, order status, payment methods, and shipping details, in one convenient location.
  • Order Fulfillment: Split orders by vendors to simplify the fulfillment process and improve efficiency. Each vendor can manage their part of the order independently, ensuring timely and accurate delivery.
  • Real-Time Order Updates: Receive real-time updates on order statuses. Stay informed about new orders, pending shipments, and completed deliveries with instant notifications.
  • Automated Invoicing: Generate and send automated invoices to customers upon order completion. Customize invoice templates to include your branding and important information.
  • Shipment Tracking: Provide customers with shipment tracking information directly from the order interface. Integrate with popular shipping carriers to offer real-time tracking updates.
  • Order Notes: Add internal notes and comments to orders for better team collaboration. Keep track of important details and special instructions for each order.
  • Order Filters and Search: Use advanced filters and search options to quickly find specific orders. Filter by order status, date range, customer name, product, and more to streamline order management.
  • Returns and Refunds: Manage returns and refunds efficiently. Process return requests, issue refunds, and restock returned items with ease. Maintain clear communication with customers throughout the return process.
  • Bulk Order Processing: Perform bulk actions on multiple orders simultaneously. Update order statuses, print packing slips, and generate shipping labels for several orders at once to save time.
  • Customizable Order Statuses: Create and customize order statuses to fit your specific workflow. Use custom statuses to track orders at different stages of the fulfillment process.
  • Multi-Channel Order Management: Consolidate orders from various sales channels into one unified interface. Manage orders from your online store, marketplaces, and social media platforms all in one place.
  • Order Analytics: Access detailed analytics and reports on your order history. Analyze trends, monitor key metrics, and identify areas for improvement to optimize your order management process.
  • Customer Communication: Communicate directly with customers regarding their orders. Send order confirmations, shipping notifications, and delivery updates via email or SMS.
  • Priority Handling: Set priority levels for orders to ensure high-priority orders are processed and shipped first. Improve customer satisfaction by prioritizing urgent and high-value orders.
  • Order Tags: Tag orders with custom labels for easy identification and organization. Use tags to categorize orders based on specific criteria such as VIP customers, special promotions, or expedited shipping.
  • Automated Workflows: Create automated workflows to handle repetitive tasks. Set up rules to automatically update order statuses, send notifications, and trigger specific actions based on predefined conditions.

Shipping and Tax Management

Vendor-Specific Shipping

  • Custom Shipping Options: Set up custom shipping options tailored to your products and business needs. Offer various shipping methods such as standard, express, or overnight shipping to meet different customer preferences.
  • Shipping Carriers Integration: Integrate with popular shipping carriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and more. Automatically generate shipping labels and provide customers with real-time tracking information.
  • Shipping Rates Calculation: Automatically calculate shipping rates based on factors such as weight, dimensions, destination, and shipping method. Ensure accurate and fair shipping costs are passed on to your customers.
  • Free Shipping Offers: Create free shipping promotions based on order value, product type, or customer location to incentivize purchases and increase sales.
  • Flat Rate Shipping: Offer flat rate shipping options to simplify the checkout process and make shipping costs predictable for customers.
  • Shipping Zones: Define shipping zones to manage different shipping rates and methods for various geographic areas. Customize your shipping strategy based on local, regional, national, or international destinations.
  • Handling Fees: Include handling fees to cover additional costs related to packaging and processing orders. Ensure these fees are transparently communicated to customers.
  • Real-Time Shipping Updates: Provide customers with real-time shipping updates and notifications. Keep them informed about the status of their orders from dispatch to delivery.
  • Multiple Shipping Origins: Manage shipping from multiple locations if you operate warehouses or fulfillment centers in different regions. Optimize shipping routes and reduce delivery times.

Tax Settings

  • Automatic Tax Calculation: Configure automatic tax calculation based on product category, customer location, and applicable tax rates. Ensure your store remains compliant with local, national, and international tax regulations.
  • Custom Tax Rules: Set up custom tax rules to handle complex tax scenarios. Apply different tax rates for specific products, customer groups, or regions as needed.
  • Inclusive/Exclusive Tax Pricing: Choose to display prices inclusive or exclusive of tax. Provide clear pricing information to customers based on your business model and regional requirements.
  • Tax Exemptions: Manage tax exemptions for specific customers or product types. Ensure compliance with applicable tax laws and provide accurate billing.
  • VAT and GST Handling: Support for VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) systems. Configure tax settings to meet the requirements of different tax jurisdictions.
  • Tax Reporting: Access detailed tax reports to track your tax liabilities and payments. Generate tax summaries for different periods to assist with financial planning and tax filing.
  • Tax Rate Import/Export: Import and export tax rates in bulk for efficient management. Update tax rates quickly in response to changes in tax laws or business operations.
  • Geolocation-Based Tax Rates: Automatically apply tax rates based on the customer’s location using geolocation technology. Ensure accurate tax calculation for international transactions.
  • Tax Invoices: Generate compliant tax invoices that clearly display tax information. Provide customers with accurate records for their purchases and tax purposes.


Professional Store Management | Kemyshopping

Customizable Storefront

  • Unique Store Profiles: Create a unique and professional storefront by customizing your store profile. Include detailed information about your business, contact details, and store policies to build credibility with customers.
  • Custom Banners: Design and upload custom banners to highlight special promotions, new arrivals, or store announcements. Capture customers’ attention and drive sales with visually appealing graphics.
  • Flexible Layouts: Choose from various layout options to organize your storefront. Display products, categories, and promotional content in a way that best suits your brand and enhances the shopping experience.
  • Branding Elements: Incorporate your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts into your storefront design. Create a consistent and recognizable brand identity that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Product Highlights: Showcase featured products, bestsellers, and new arrivals prominently on your storefront. Help customers discover popular and new items easily.
  • Custom Pages: Create custom pages for your store to provide additional information such as FAQs, shipping policies, return policies, and more. Ensure customers have all the information they need for a seamless shopping experience.
  • Multimedia Integration: Enhance your product listings with multimedia content such as videos and image galleries. Provide a richer and more engaging shopping experience by showcasing your products in action.

Store Reviews

  • Customer Feedback: Encourage customer feedback with a store review system. Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for your products and services to build trust and credibility.
  • Review Management: Manage customer reviews effectively. Approve, respond to, or moderate reviews to ensure your store maintains a positive and professional image.
  • Rating Display: Display average ratings and review counts prominently on your product pages. Help potential customers make informed decisions based on the experiences of previous buyers.
  • Incentivized Reviews: Offer incentives such as discounts or loyalty points for customers who leave reviews. Encourage more customers to share their feedback and improve your store’s reputation.
  • Review Analytics: Access detailed analytics on customer reviews. Understand common themes, areas for improvement, and product performance based on customer feedback.
  • Verified Reviews: Highlight verified reviews from customers who have purchased and used your products. Increase the credibility of reviews and provide more trustworthy information to potential buyers.

Additional Features for Professional Store Management

  • Order Management Tools: Use advanced order management tools to track and process orders efficiently. Update order statuses, print packing slips, and generate invoices directly from your dashboard.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of your stock levels in real-time. Set automatic alerts for low inventory and out-of-stock products to ensure timely restocking.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Manage customer interactions with integrated CRM tools. Keep detailed records of customer communications, purchase history, and preferences to provide personalized service.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Run effective marketing campaigns using built-in tools. Create and manage email campaigns, discount codes, and promotional offers to attract and retain customers.
  • SEO Tools: Optimize your store for search engines with built-in SEO tools. Improve your product listings’ visibility and drive more organic traffic to your store.
  • Sales Reports: Access comprehensive sales reports to analyze your store’s performance. Track key metrics such as revenue, order volume, and customer behavior to make data-driven decisions.
  • Customer Support Integration: Provide excellent customer support with integrated support features. Allow customers to submit inquiries and support tickets directly from your store and respond to them promptly.
  • Custom Shipping Options: Set up custom shipping methods and rates to suit your business needs. Offer various shipping options to meet different customer preferences and ensure timely delivery.
  • Tax Configuration: Configure tax settings specific to your products and location. Ensure compliance with local and international tax regulations and provide accurate billing to customers.
  • Social Media Integration: Integrate your store with social media platforms to expand your reach. Promote your products on social media, connect with customers, and drive traffic to your store.

Flexible Commission Structures | Kemyshopping

Customizable Commissions

  • Benefit from flexible commission structures: including fixed, percentage-based, and tiered commissions. Set up the commission model that best suits your business needs and sales strategy.
  • Variable Product Commissions: Assign different commission rates to different product categories or individual products. This allows you to incentivize the sale of specific items or categories more effectively.
  • Special Promotions: Implement special commission rates during promotional periods. Adjust commissions for seasonal sales, product launches, or special events to drive higher sales volumes.
  • Vendor-Specific Rates: Offer custom commission rates to different vendors based on their performance, sales volume, or partnership agreements. This flexibility helps build strong relationships and motivates top-performing vendors.
  • Tiered Commissions: Set up tiered commission structures that reward higher sales volumes with lower commission rates. Encourage vendors to increase their sales by offering better terms as they reach higher sales tiers.
  • Sales Performance Incentives: Implement performance-based incentives. Reward vendors with lower commission rates or bonuses for achieving specific sales targets or milestones.

Transparent Reporting and Tracking

  • Transparent Reporting: Access detailed commission reports that provide a clear breakdown of earnings. Track your commissions by product, order, and time period to understand your income sources and trends.
  • Real-Time Commission Tracking: Monitor your commissions in real time. Stay updated on your earnings as sales occur, providing you with immediate visibility into your financial performance.
  • Commission Adjustments: Make manual adjustments to commissions when necessary. Apply discounts, refunds, or special agreements directly to ensure accurate calculations.
  • Multi-Vendor Order Commissions: Handle commissions for multi-vendor orders seamlessly. Our system calculates and distributes commissions accurately for orders involving multiple vendors.
  • Automated Calculations: Enjoy automated commission calculations that save you time and reduce errors. Our system ensures accurate and timely computation of commissions based on the defined structures.
  • Commission Disputes: Manage commission disputes efficiently. Provide a clear and structured process for vendors to raise and resolve commission-related issues.

Timely Disbursement and Payment Options

  • Historical Data: Access historical commission data to review past performance and make informed decisions. Analyze trends and patterns to optimize your commission structures.
  • Timely Disbursement: Choose from various disbursement options to receive your earnings on a schedule that suits you. Set up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payouts based on your preference.
  • Payment Gateways: Integrate with multiple payment gateways to receive your commission payouts. Choose the most convenient and cost-effective method for your financial transactions.
  • Minimum Payout Thresholds: Set minimum payout thresholds to ensure efficient disbursement. Only process payouts when your earnings reach a specified amount to minimize transaction fees.
  • Commission Statements: Receive detailed commission statements regularly. Review your earnings, deductions, and payouts in a clear and organized format.
  • Cross-Border Payments: Handle cross-border payments with ease. Our platform supports international vendors by providing reliable and efficient payment solutions.

Robust Reporting and Analytics | Kemyshopping

Sales Reports

  • Detailed Sales Reports: Access detailed sales reports to analyze your store’s performance and identify growth opportunities. View data on total sales, sales by product, and sales by category to understand what’s driving your revenue.
  • Sales Trends: Track sales trends over time to spot seasonal patterns and make informed inventory and marketing decisions. Analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales trends to plan your business strategies.
  • Product Performance: Identify your best-selling and underperforming products with comprehensive product performance reports. Make data-driven decisions about inventory management and product promotions.
  • Order Reports: Get insights into order volume, average order value, and order fulfillment times. Use this data to streamline your order processing and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Geographic Sales Data: Analyze sales by geographic location to understand where your customers are located. Tailor your marketing efforts to target high-performing regions and expand your reach.

Earnings Reports

  • Comprehensive Earnings Reports: Track your earnings with comprehensive reports that include all revenue streams. View earnings by product, order, and time period to get a clear picture of your financial performance.
  • Commission Breakdown: Access detailed commission reports that show how much you’ve earned after deductions. Understand your net earnings and keep track of commission rates and payouts.
  • Refund and Return Analysis: Analyze refund and return data to understand why customers are returning products. Use this information to improve product quality, customer service, and return policies.
  • Payout Reports: Keep track of your payouts with detailed reports that show when and how much you’ve been paid. Ensure accurate and timely receipt of your earnings.
  • Tax Reports: Generate tax reports to simplify your tax filing process. View detailed breakdowns of taxes collected and paid, ensuring compliance with local and international tax regulations.

Additional Reporting and Analytics Features

  • Customer Reports: Gain insights into your customer base with detailed reports on customer behavior, demographics, and purchase history. Use this data to personalize marketing efforts and improve customer retention.
  • Inventory Reports: Monitor your inventory levels with real-time inventory reports. Identify slow-moving stock, forecast demand, and make informed purchasing decisions to avoid stockouts and overstocking.
  • Marketing Performance: Track the performance of your marketing campaigns with detailed reports on email campaigns, discount codes, and promotional offers. Measure ROI and optimize your marketing strategies for better results.
  • Traffic and Conversion Reports: Analyze website traffic and conversion rates to understand how visitors interact with your store. Identify key traffic sources, popular landing pages, and conversion bottlenecks to improve your website’s performance.
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Calculate the lifetime value of your customers to understand their long-term value to your business. Use CLV data to make strategic decisions about customer acquisition and retention.
  • Sales Funnel Analysis: Visualize your sales funnel to identify drop-off points and opportunities for improvement. Optimize each stage of the customer journey to increase conversions and sales.
  • Profit and Loss Statements: Generate profit and loss statements to get a clear view of your store’s financial health. Analyze revenue, expenses, and profits to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Export Data: Export your reports and data for further analysis in external tools. Use the exported data to create custom reports, share insights with stakeholders, and conduct deeper analyses.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Access real-time analytics to stay updated on your store’s performance. Make quick decisions based on the latest data to capitalize on emerging trends and opportunities.
  • Custom Reports: Create custom reports tailored to your specific needs. Choose the metrics and dimensions that matter most to your business and generate reports that provide actionable insights.
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